Join a Network Application

The Young Leadership Council leverages their work experiences and skills to further the mission of ALF and we need your help.


  • Build new relationships and expand your personal and professional networks
  • Recognition on American Liver Foundation’s website and social media pages
  • Participate in meaningful advocacy efforts
  • Strengthen your resume and develop meaningful references
  • Networking opportunities with ALF Board of Directors and ALF Executive Team
  • Accelerate your growth as a leader and create real change within the organization
  • Make a difference in the lives of those impacted by liver disease

Member Responsibilities: 

  • Attend Meetings: Members should attend a minimum of three meetings per year. Meetings are accessible for remote participation.
  • Contribute talent and time to ALF: ALF hosts a number of events, programs throughout the year. Members are encouraged to attend as many of these as possible, be active and .engaged in their execution and contribute to the recruitment/registration.
  • Financial Contributions Give/Get: Contributing a donation annually (one time gift, monthly donation, event ticket purchase), fundraising through an event, securing a sponsorship, or by securing an annual gift(s).
Are you between 21 and 45 years old?